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Positive Feedback for Blue Mental Health Solutions

Southridge First School recently undertook Blue Mental Health Solutions’ training, designed to further enhance teachers’ knowledge and understanding of children’s mental health. The aim is to equip educators with the strongest possible knowledge and skills to better support their pupils’ mental well-being.

Upon completing the “holistic” training, Southridge First School staff expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback. Teachers praised the training, saying how it was “detailed with useful information”. Head teacher, Finn Willcock, commented that the training was “very strong” and “aligned with the school’s standards”. One of the standout aspects highlighted by Southridge’s teaching staff was the expertise demonstrated by the Blue Mental Health Solutions staff. The staff were described as “knowledgeable” and “enthusiastic” which is fantastic feedback to receive. Some of the educators commented that they were quickly able to implement practical advice given by the Blue team.   

When head teacher Finn Willcock was asked if he would recommend the course to other schools, he answered with a swift yes as “the content was good quality and it highlighted the importance of understanding children’s mental health”. He also added that the training has “ensured that children’s mental health is at the forefront of staff’s minds”. His colleagues agreed, there was a highly positive response with all of the teachers saying they most likely would. The newfound knowledge and skills acquired through the program left teachers feeling more confident in addressing mental health concerns among their students.

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“the content was good quality and it highlighted the importance of understanding children’s mental health”

Finn Willcock
Head Teacher

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