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At the core of our mission to offer transformative online mental health courses, stands a group of passionate professionals.

If you know our story you will know that that Blue Mental Health Support is the result of a partnership between Blue Mental Health Education and Training and NTH Solutions, a company owned by the NHS. We’ve joined forces to address the challenges in children’s mental health, sharing a common goal to make a positive impact.  

With Blue known for its success in providing evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in schools and NTH Solutions being part of a larger organisation with more than 700 staff and deeply embedded in the NHS, you can count on a dedicated and knowledgeable team focused on well-being.

Meet the core team committed living and breathing this mission below.  You can find out more about Blue and NTH here.

Let us introduce ourselves

The Therapists

Johnny Morton

PGDip in High-Intensity Psychological Therapies and a BSc (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing. NMC & BABCP.

Hi there! I’ve been involved in mental health for 25 years. I started off as a mental health nurse, and worked on the wards at St George’s Park Hospital, and then ventured into the community. That’s where I got hooked on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I took a detour back to Newcastle University for a deep dive into high-intensity psychological therapies, all in the spirit of making therapy more accessible. As a dad myself, I know how crucial it is to build a solid mental health foundation as early as possible

Craig Thompson

RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse), Dip in Higher Education: CAMHS, PG Dip in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Academic & Professional Learning, PG Cert in Clinical Supervision

Hello! I’ve been in the mental health field since 1998. I started as a registered mental health nurse at St George’s Park Hospital in Northumberland, then worked in the local community. Now, I work as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, both privately and through NHS contracts. Aside from individual therapy, I lead group seminars and workshops focusing on preventive and therapeutic approaches. I also lecture on graduate and postgraduate courses and provide clinical supervision for therapists in training. It’s truly fulfilling to witness the positive impact of the support we offer to parents and teachers, knowing that it makes a real difference in improving the mental health of the children in their care.

Becci Meagher

BSc, PgDip High Intensity Psychological Therapies, BAOT, HCPC, BABCP, BSc Hons Occupational Therapy

Hi there! I’ve been working as an Occupational Therapist for 23 years and laterally a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist for 14 years. My early work focused upon enduring mental health, but around 2003, I noticed more young people accessing services with serious mental health issues. This led me to advocate and emphasize a need to consider age-appropriate treatment and support. My primary focus is to support the recognition of the importance of early intervention and prevention to prevent chronic ill health and improve positive outcomes for all.  The second is to raise awareness and reduce stigma within society to change the narrative around mental health. My qualifications include a PGDip in High-Intensity Psychological Therapies and a BA (Hons) in Occupational Therapy.

The NHS Team

Blue Mental Health 1 DS

Dan Sulivan

Hi, I’m Dan, currently the strategic lead for Blue Mental Health Support. Starting as a primary school teacher, my journey was shaped by personal encounters with mental health challenges. Growing up in Sunderland, I faced anxiety during school, concealing my struggles despite maintaining good grades. At 17, seeking refuge in a loft and under a desk revealed the signs of my internal battles. Now, as the Education Lead for Blue Mental Health Support, I contribute to an e-learning platform, drawing on my teaching background and personal insights. My journey underscores the crucial role of educators in recognizing early signs of mental health challenges in children. It’s a personal reminder and a call to action for a compassionate approach to mental health within the educational system.

Blue Mental Health 1 FS

Faye Scio

BA(Hons), MSc

Hello! I’m a parent to a teenage daughter, and my primary goal, like most parents, is to assist her in thriving. I believe in offering support not only to those facing diagnosed conditions or crises but also in helping kids tackle everyday challenges like social media and friendships. As the Marketing Lead for Blue Mental Health Support, I’m on a mission to ensure that every parent, like me, knows about our training and resources and how they genuinely make a difference in everyday life to stop things from worsening or escalating, because, let’s face it, there’s no handbook for parenting.

hannah wood

Hannah Wood


Hello, I’m Hannah, a proud member of the marketing team at Blue Mental Health Support. In my role, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of our mental health e-learning initiatives for school staff, parents, and caregivers – a journey that started as a humble idea and has now blossomed into the remarkable resource we offer today. Our mission has been twofold – to construct a brand that exudes credibility and to curate content that aligns seamlessly with the vision we hold. It’s not just about promoting a service; it’s about advocating for the mental well-being of our communities. I have a profound passion for enhancing the mental health landscape for children and young people and through my work, I aspire to be a catalyst for positive change.

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