Why Us

Content that works

Our content is made with regular people in mind and is based on proven methods. It includes real-life examples and hands-on demonstrations, and it’s all put together by therapists who specialise in cognitive behavioural therapies for children.

Access anytime, all year

After you finish, keep using the content throughout the year. It’s always there when you need it, promoting ongoing learning and support.

Fun Ways to Learn

Enjoy learning with different formats like animation, videos, and interactive exercises, making learning more effective.

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Bring Learning to Life

Use resources like posters and worksheets to help you use what you learn both at home and in school, making sure it works in real life.  We add new resources throughout the year to keep things varied and relevant.

Empowering parents and schools alike

By providing training content for both families and schools, we can ensure everyone’s on the same page, inside and outside the classroom, supporting our children in the best way possible.

Its not counselling

Our training is not counselling. It’s practical ideas that come from evidence-based practice, created by therapists with over 70 years’ experience and provides targeted support for education staff and families.

Helping Patients Directly

When you buy a Blue Mental Health Support course, you’re not just helping children’s mental health, you’re also contributing to better healthcare in our communities, thanks to our NHS roots. Read our story to find out more about this.

‘Every adult an ally’

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