Our Story

Acknowledging the profound impact of mental health on the development and well-being of children, our journey began with a commitment to empower every adult with the knowledge and tools needed to be a vital ally in fostering a mentally resilient society. Rooted in the belief that collective efforts can alleviate strain on communities and healthcare services, our mission unfolded, leading to the creation of Blue Mental Health Support.

Our journey began with a commitment to empower every adult with the knowledge and tools needed to be a vital ally in fostering a mentally resilient society.

January, 2023

Our Story Begins

NTH & Blue unite facing a crisis in children’s mental health, NTH Solutions and Blue Education and Training joined forces with a shared ambition to make a positive difference. Blue, known for its success in providing evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) face-to-face, became an invaluable partner. NTH Solutions, with a vested interest in improving children’s mental health due to its NHS heritage, brought the skills and resources to digitalise and deliver training content through its online platform, reaching a broader audience swiftly.

March, 2023

Inclusive Insights from Teachers and Parents

The partnership solidified with a joint focus groups involving teachers and parents, aligning with our belief that inclusive collaboration is key to comprehensively addressing mental health challenges. Insights gathered here formed the foundation of our upcoming mental health education initiative.

May, 2023

Blueprint for Wellness: Course Planning

Our combined teams meticulously planned the course structure and content, signaling the beginning of the construction phase. The goal was to empower adults with knowledge that could collectively contribute to a healthier community.

June, 2023

CPD Accreditation

Blue Mental Health CPD Member

Professionally Empowered: With CPD membership in place and accreditation underway, users gain recognized professional development, enhancing their skills and knowledge in improving children’s mental health.

September, 2023

Early testing and feedback

With months of hard work, the e-learning course went live in a few select schools for feedback, fulfilling our vision of providing practical tools to educators and creating a positive ripple effect within the community. This aimed to shape further user experience improvements prior to launching the course on a national level.

November, 2023

Every Adult and Ally: Webinar Campaign

The ‘Every Adult and Ally’ campaign was launched, featuring bi-weekly webinars where schools could find out more about the course and more importantly, giving people a chance to be part of this crucial conversation.

December, 2023

Blue Mental Health Parents and Carers Content Creation

In December, we achieved a pivotal milestone by collaborating with a skilled film crew to create content for the Blue Mental Health Parents and Carers Course. This endeavour marks a significant step in empowering adults as allies and supporting the mental well-being of children.

December, 2023

The Free Sample for Education settings

Next we wanted to let schools freely check out our course content without any obligation. Our goal was to give them the flexibility to see if the course would be a good fit for their needs, allowing them to make an informed decision.

January, 2024

Digital Hub Launch: Transforming Mental Health

In January 2024, with growing webinar attendance and widespread adoption of our course in schools, we launched a dedicated website and new social media channels. This aimed to streamline access to course materials, foster a community for sharing experiences, and ensure efficient communication for improving mental health outcomes in children.

February/March, 2024

Coming Soon – Blue Mental Health Parents and Carers Launch

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