Langley First School – Embraces Blue Mental Health Solutions E-Learning Course

langley first school - mental health training

Langley First School recently undertook the Blue Mental Health Solutions mental health foundation course, a program tailored to equip educators with a deeper understanding of children’s mental health. The course was met with resounding praise from the teaching staff, who found it to be a “fantastic set of training”.

The teachers at Langley First School expressed appreciation for the content of the course, emphasising how they will use the techniques learned in their daily job roles. One of the lessons that the educators said resonated most was the importance of active listening and to “never assume an individual will respond in a specific way”.

In the aftermath of completing the course, Langley First School reported a noticeable positive shift and that “so much growth has been made”. Teachers shared anecdotes of how the course was “thought provoking and interesting” and “a great way to improve on oneself”.

Furthermore, the feedback from Langley First School discussed how the teachers would highly recommend the experience to their colleagues in other educational institutions. The collaborative and engaging nature of the e-learning format contributed to its success, allowing teachers to apply their newfound knowledge in real-time within the school environment.

In conclusion

Langley First School’s significant results prove the positive impact the course could have on any school. It seems to have left a lasting impression on the teachers there, positioning the course as a valuable asset in the ongoing mission to enhance the mental well-being of all members of its school community. Their strategy aims to create an inclusive and accepting culture and strives to accept and normalise mental health and play a part in early Intervention and prevention and improve outcomes for all.

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a great way to improve on oneself

so much growth has been made

never assume an individual will respond in a specific way

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