Mental health training for teachers

Led by therapists. Designed by teachers. Developed from within the NHS

Training for senior mental health leads, teachers and school staff

Early mental health support changes lives

Imagine confidently knowing you can identify children’s mental health issues – and provide practical tools to support. Fast. That’s the reality our training will deliver.

And the unique way we’re set up means that every sign-up directly helps fund frontline NHS services.

Unlock understanding – in 20 minutes a day

Our CPD-accredited e-learning puts mental health training at your fingertips. With content created by mental health experts, teachers, children and the NHS – it’s all packaged into bite-sized chunks, so you can fit high level training around your busy schedule.

Free a child’s future

When it comes to mental health, early intervention makes a massive difference.

As a teacher, you’re already in the unique position of transforming futures. And with today’s mental health crisis affecting our teaching practice more than ever before, understanding and supporting pupils’ mental wellbeing is now a crucial skill.

Although senior mental health leads play a vital role in helping children to thrive emotionally, socially and academically, we believe every adult in school can become an ally.

That collective approach not only helps the pupils in our care but collectively eases the pressure on the entire community and healthcare services.

The long-term result? A healthier and more resilient society.

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Mental health training for schools

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Support pupils quickly – for better outcomes

Our training empowers you to signpost help and to pass on coping skills exactly when children need them most.

In some cases, that early intervention will be all that’s needed. By minimising the need for external agency support, the pupil avoids the inevitable long waiting times, which can lead to their challenges becoming worse, or more entrenched.

Of course, some children will go on to need additional help but these swift, targeted coping skills can still be very valuable while they wait.

Anxiety blocks learning – tackle it in your classroom

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    Discover more about our mental health resources for schools

    Keen to find out more? Join one of our regular 30-minute webinars and find out how our mental health resources for schools could transform your school’s culture, giving your teams the confidence to spot the signs of mental ill health in pupils and colleagues. And act fast.

    There’s no obligation and no hard sell – just the chance for you to join the chat and get the inside track on our mental health toolkit and more. 

    We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ll deliver a fact-packed half hour – and you’ll come away with a clear picture of whether our training is right for you.

    As the pupil wellbeing lead for my Federation, the ‘Every Adult an Ally’ Webinar was immensely useful for me! It gave an incredible insight into how Blue Mental Health Training differs from other offers currently available. 
    Daniel’s insights into early support intervention in schools showed just how Blue Training can look to create a holistic model which upskills staff, as well as sharing the best practice for supporting students. This feels just the right approach for us across all our schools and I highly recommend this service.”

    Robert Sinclair-Harris, St. Edmund’s Church of England Primary School

    Our unique story

    Our journey began with a commitment to empower every adult with the knowledge and tools needed to be a vital ally in fostering a mentally-resilient society.

    Blue Mental Health Education and Training is staffed by an award-winning team of mental health practitioners who specialise in children and young people, experienced in delivering effective, proven methods of mental health training for schools.

    Facing a crisis in children’s mental health, Blue joined forces with NTH Solutions – with a shared ambition to make a positive difference.

    This unique set-up means that every sign up helps fund frontline NHS services.

    NTH Solutions was established to provide support services to North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. And today, its 700-strong workforce supplies those services nationwide, generating income to be reinvested in patient care.

    Our partnership was solidified with a joint focus group, involving teachers and parents – in line with our belief that collaboration is the key to addressing mental health challenges successfully. The insights we gathered from the focus group formed the foundation of the course we offer to schools today. 

    Testing and feedback every step of the way have improved and refined our practical course, with a regular webinar to open up the conversation and a digital hub, streamlining access to course materials and creating a community for sharing experiences.

    Take a look for yourself
    Course overview

    Our CPD-accredited programme is supported by professional instructors. Packed with real-life case studies, you’ll get unlimited access to the course materials, so you can go back to the content as many times as you like.

    You’ll take an active role in your own assessment, reflecting on what you’ve learned and how you can put it into practice in the classroom.

    What’s covered?
    • What is mental health?
    • The fight/flight response
    • Common mental health disorders
    • Psychological theory
    • Adverse childhood experiences (ACES)
    • Early identification and screening
    • Avoidance vs resilience
    • Listening and responding
    • Low-intensity interventions
    • Staff wellbeing
    • The whole-school approach
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    Teachers, therapists and the NHS

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    I am a teacher or teaching assistant

      12 modules, each lasting 20-30 minutes. Save your progress and learn at a pace that suits you.
      Identify issues early and be confident to deliver low-intensity interventions.
      Everything you need to implement what you’ve learned
      Case studies and reflective exercises to embed your learning

    I am a head teacher

      Licences for all staff and families – to turn every adult into an ally
      Boost pupil wellbeing, attendance and academic performance
      Empower adults to understand their own mental health, as well as that of the children

    I am a parent or carer

      Better support your child by mirroring the school’s approach
      Feel confident to understand the signs and be able to discuss them with your child’s teachers
      Learn more about mental health and how to improve it
      Support your child in the best possible way while waiting for specialist help

    Train all staff in your school

    £ 700 +vat

    12 month auto renewing subscription

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    Case study: our programme in action

    Blue Mental Health still 1
    Southridge First School

    Positive Feedback for Blue Mental Health Solutions Southridge First School recently undertook Blue Mental Health Solutions’ training, designed to further enhance teachers’ knowledge and understanding of children’s mental health. The aim is…

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    langley first school - mental health training
    Blue Mental Health Grangepark image 3
    Grange Park Primary School

    Frankie Cowan, Head Teacher: We’ve seen a significant reduction in the number of children referred to CAMHS and other services. When I took over Grange Park Primary School, during the pandemic, the…

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    We believe that every adult can play a crucial role in preventing the escalation of mental health challenges in children, helping them to thrive. Get in touch to find out how you can get involved

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      How long is the course?

      There are 12 modules, each lasting 20-30 minutes, designed to fit around your busy schedule and enable you to learn at a time that suits you.

      What equipment do I need?

      Our user-friendly course makes it easy to access the programme on desktop, laptop or tablet. It’s up to you.

      How much is it?

      We have a really accessible pricing structure, based on the number of pupils at the school. One subscription means every adult on the staff can have access. Find out more on our pricing page

      Who is it for?

      Our programme is led by therapists and designed by teachers – and powered by the NHS. But it’s been created for all adults in a school, including teachers, mental health leads and the wider school staff. We believe this whole-school approach is the key to making a positive impact on the future of mental health

      Is there a time limit to complete the course?

      Our e-learning approach delivers the 12 lessons in bite-sized chunks of 20 or 30 minutes, so it’s easy to fit around your schedule. The licence means you have access to the course materials for a year, so you can learn at your own pace and go back over the modules as many times as you like.

      Do I get any accreditation when I’ve completed the course?

      Yes, the programme is CPD-accredited, so you’ll get the CPD certification.

      How do I buy it?

      It’s really easy. Simply visit our buy now page and sign up